Published by Alepana_HD on Thu, 04/30/2020 - 12:13
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This is a Utility Data pack! it's actually just for fun but it has some usefull recipes in it! (Some Recipes are experimental)

What This Datapack adds so far:


  1. Enchanted Golden Apple
  2. Brown Mushroom block
  3. Red Mushroom block
  4. Leather Horse armor
  5. Iron Horse armor
  6. Gold Horse armor
  7. Diamond Horse armor
  8. Experience Bottle
  9. Name Tag
  10. Packed Ice
  11. Saddle
  12. Totem of undying
  13. Trident (Experimental)

Actual site where i posted it:
It can be that i will add more recipes, but for now it's ok and there will be probably add-ons if i add something
PS: It should work for the 1.16 Snapshots!

READ CAREFULLY! When you download the Datapack you need to unzip this. IMPORTANT: in the Datapack is NOT the Folder that you download! (the folder in the folder is the Datapack) INSTALLATION: go in Minecraft>Options>Ressourcepacks>Open Ressourcepack folder>go one folder back>Search for "Saves">go in your world>datapacks>and then you paste the datapack in there :)

Modification files
more-recipes Datapack - More-Recipes Datapack v.1.09.04 KB

Nothing here jet ;)

I think this crafting mod is very fair, which I like. Also want the enchanted apple crafting like that before?