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Published by MrPOOPZZZ on Tue, 05/05/2020 - 19:55
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A project I've been working on.

I really liked making this mod.

It is only available for 1.12.2

Upvote if you liked it

I tried making the ores and items as similar to the actual minerals in reality. I researched to make the different ores.

I will add new things along the way.

If you are asking about mercury, Minecraft doesn't make sense in the first place.

It is just cooled in the icebox.

Anyways, there are way too many items for me to count. Silver and Zinc are coming, too.


Modification files
OD 1.2.6.jar - Adds Titanium (Snapshot)847.9 KB
OD 1.3.0.jar - Adds Titanium and Uranium929.04 KB
OD 1.4.0.jar - Adds Zinc, Silver, and Brass1.04 MB
OD - Texture Update1.11 MB

1.0.0, 5/5/2020:

Added Copper Items

Added Magnesium Items (Smeltable to better items)

Added Tungsten Items

Added Land Quartz

Added Mercury Items

Added Platinum Items

Added Icebox dimension


1.1.0, 5/8/2020:

Added Alumidiamond Armor

 Added Aluminum Items

Added Tidiamond Armor

 Added Tin Items


1.2.0, 5/12/2020

Added Creatures

 Added Spiders

  Added Black Widow

  Added Small Spider

 Added Worms

 Added Snakes

  Added Green snake

  Added Ringnecks

   Added Orange ringneck

   Added Red ringneck

Added Cobolt items

Added Palladium items

1.2.6, 5/22/2020

Added Titanium Items

1.3.0, 5/23/2020

Added All Titanium Items

Added Uranium Items

Added a new bow for you to find

1.4.0 5/27/2020

Added Zinc items

 Added Brass

Added Silver 6/2/2020

Added New Decoration Blocks

Added Limestone

Updated most Textures

mercury is a highly poisonous material. Why would you make armour and tools out of it? Also mercury is liquid at room temperature.

I suspected that you used pack generators for all of this right?
also, ores and items are peretty plain.