- Oh Dungeons Items Mod -

Published by TeoxexYT on Thu, 05/07/2020 - 12:03
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Have you ever thought how nice it would be if the items in the Minecraft Dungeons game were also in Minecraft Java? Now you can have them!

Texture Update
- Many re-textured items
- Many Bugs Fixed

Video Reviews

Google (Android 11)

Google (Android 11)

This mod adds many items between here:

- 15+ Weapons
- 25+ Blocks
- 4 Structures
- And more!

The mod is still in beta and new items will be added in the future!
Want to get a better overview of the mod? Watch the Trailer (OUTDATED):


♦ I thank the JavaDungeons team for giving the opportunity to use few of their textures ♦

New Discord! Here you will see all the spoilers and additions of the next versions of the mod!

Do you think you can help me with my mod? Visit my website and do audition!

Modification files

Texture Update
- Many re-textured items
- Many Bugs Fixed

Cool mod! This does seem to remind me of a different mod though.
Congrats on MOTW ;)

As soon as I saw the levels in Dungeons with the new blocks I really wanted them to be in Minecraft and now since you made it thank you!

I was gonna do something like this, but then I stopped because, well, isn't this a violation of MInecraft/Mojangs TOS/EULA?
Because it is giving certain aspects of the game to people for free. Hope you don't get in trouble! (These are some real nice textures btw)

Wow! Redstone Monstrosity looks really epic (just like in original MC Dungeons but the fact that You added it is amazing XD)! Good update :)