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A Mining Update! There's lots to unpack here so here we go: New Ores! Spikephire, the in-between of iron and diamond, after making some blocks of spikephire, and a spikephire and steel, you can access the apocalyptic future dimension. Stone Apples, A food source underground, after smelting it of course. Gold Coal, a new fuel source that lasts 4000 ticks! also rather than the standard 4 torches created with regular coal, gold coal give you 10 torches. Ruby, back from the dead, Ruby's back and better than ever, not only is it stronger than diamond, if you make a portal out of ruby blocks and light it with a ruby and steel, you'll access the good future! there if you search in the ravines, you'll find starphire and nightphire the two elements needed to create the Wondershot, the strongest ranged weapon in the game. Nightphire has a brother, dayphire dayphire only appears in extremely rare shrines that appear in the good future dimension, with this you can create the strongest non-ranged weapon in the game, the sun scythe. If you travel to the end, you'll find the new ore Onyx, Onyx can be used to create the onyx box, which teleports you to your spawnpoint, and you can create the wither bed, a block that if you right click it, summons the wither. the last new ore is sapphire, sapphire isn't like any other ore, sapphire has the unique property of being able to harness the weather, with it you can create three staves, the sapphire thunderstaff which summons lightining on whichever block you right click with it, the sapphire rainstick which summons the rain, and the sapphire netralizer which clears the weather, you can also create a weather detector, which when powered by redstone prints out when it rains or is thundering in chat. Those are just the new ores, there is so so so much more, please check it out if you're interested

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