Star Wars Mod

Published by Hydra0420 on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 11:20
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Star Wars Mod 1.15.2

Welcome to star wars mod 1.15. I plan on making this mod be the one-stop-shop for all things star wars in Minecraft.

Features currently in the mod.

Light Blue Lightsaber- gives jump boost 7, slow falling 2 and health boost 7 when in hand (modifications will be made in the future)

Red Lightsaber

Kaiburr Crystel

kaiburr crystal ore

Kaiburr pickaxe

Kaiburr Axe

Kaiburr Hoe

Kaiburr Shovel

Ilum- not complete (new dimension)

Ilum igniter

Kaiburr Block

Jedi Armour- chest helmet and boots (pants removed in the latest version as they crash your world)


Blaster- a chance of destroying a block when fired

Blue shadow water- currently same properties of lava will change

blue shadow potion- currently does nothing

Known Bugs.

The fact that there are no Jedi leggings

The difficulty of finding kaiburr crystal ore in the wild

The difficulty of making it to Ilum in Survival

When travelling to Ilum you can spawn in a block and your portal breaks

how op the blaster is

blaster bolt texture

Darth-Vader attack

please add any you find to this link


For the current version of this mod, I would recommend playing in creative and holding off on adding it to survival until a future update.

Also if you have an idea you think that I should add please add it to this forum
I also recommend downloading Jei (just enough items) as not all crafting recipes are here.

I will try to do weekly or bi-weekly updates

Next update will mainly be bug fixes and textures.


all images were banned from being uploaded here bar mum. for more pictures

Modification files
1st edition StarWarsMod1.15.2.jar - star wars mod 1.15.2 (oldest)122.17 KB
star wars mdo 1.15.2 (2).jar - star wars mod 1.15.2(latest)174.14 KB

Just started development looking for early feedback.