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Gemslabs is a mod I've created. It adds slab variants for all ore blocks! Just kidding.
Gemslabs was created with Mcreator, and it adds features that I think would fit well into vanilla Minecraft.
Sugar Cane Block: A block of sugar cane
Gunpowder Block: A block of gunpowder
Stick Block: A block of sticks
Crate: A food storing block
Apple Crate: A crate of 8 apples
Carrot Crate: A crate of 8 carrots
Potato Crate: A crate of 8 potato's
Chorus Crate: A crate of 8 chorus fruit
Egg Crate: A crate of 8 eggs
Beetroot Crate: A crate of 8 beetroot
Berry Crate: A crate of 8 sweet berries
Melon Crate: A crate of 8 Melon Slices
Chiselled Prismarine Brick: A chiselled variant of prismarine brick
Void Foam: A new 'ore' found on the bottom of end islands, that can be made into end portal frames
Sulpher: A new ore found in the end
Sulpherite: An item dropped from Sulpher, which can be combined with coal/charcoal and be turned into gunpowder
Mace: A new weapon that gives you slowness, but deals massive damage and knockback
Smokey Netherrack: Netherrack that gives off smoke
Pig Iron Ore: A new ore found in the nether
Pig Iron: Dropped from pig iron ore. Four combined will create an iron ingot
Scythe: A new weapon used to wither your opponents
Dark Iron Ore: A new ore from the nether
Dark Iron Shard: Dropped from Dark Iron Ore
Dark Iron Ingot: Three Dark Iron Shards combined with pig iron. Used to craft a scythe
Dark Iron Block: Crafted from nine Dark Iron Ingots
Causeway: A new biome filled with octagonal pillars
Corrugated Iron: A new building block
Sandstone Bricks: A new building block
Cracked Endstone Brick: A new building block
Red Sandstone Bricks: A new building block
Obsidian Bricks: A new building block
Villager Head: A new structure found in the Overworld
Watcher/Nether Brick Watcher: Watchers are a new 'mob' that burrows into netherrack and nether brick. Can be noticed by its single eye that peers out of the block. Right click to poke it.

Here is the page on Planet Minecraft:

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Coooooooool textures!
nice pun with "pig iron"
i love it!!!!!!!!
i don't really get the point of crates though