Plants vs Zombies Advanced

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Hello there! Welcome to Pvz Advanced. In this mod you can make tacos, craft fertilizer, and most importantly, plant your favourite Pvz plants! So far this mod is in it's early stages, so it only has one plant so far, it being the pea shooter! But there will be more to come, such as the Sunflower and Puffshroom. In this mod there's more than just plants, there's a new food item! The taco, which is the newest best food (it gives 5 hunger bars!). There's also some new items. Such as Sun, Fertilizer, and Pea's! This mod is in its early stages so there's not a lot at the moment but in the future there will be more plants, more items, new blocks (maybe?), and more! (Maybe even a new boss...)

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Nice mod and profile picture. I like the idea of this mod, and it is looking nice! My one complaint would be textures, but considering the game you're replicating, it's fine. Nice job!

Hello!! I would like to help you with the models of these mods, I already have some ready