Crazy Things Mod Alpha (Update 6)

Published by GamerGod on Mon, 06/29/2020 - 23:50
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The Crazy Things Mod

This mod adds a new dimention with new mobs and other stuff. This mod will have a lot more content in the future.

Cold Dimention

The cold dimension is a new dimension that has a new ore that makes a new set of tools and armor. It also has a custom snow village. It has new mobs that can kill you and adds new animals. It also has new food to eat and breed the animals. Some of the food is unobtainable right now. The villagers do not have trades right now but will in the future. 



This is a very early version of this mod and is not even close to having all the content i have planned to add. This is just to let you know and if you find anything wrong with my mod please leave a comment.


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So far it has 264 Mod Elements


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Minecraft Forge mod
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Crazy Things Mod v0.06.jar - New Ores924.96 KB




  • Icey Biome in in cold dimention 

                                                                                                              Weapons, Tools, Armor 

  • Icey Ore Set
  • Icey Ore Sword
  • Icey Ore Tools
  • Icey Bow


  • Icey Wheat
  • Icey Wheat Seeds
  • Icey Bone
  • Icey Arrow
  • Icey Gunpowder
  • Icey Spider Eye
  • Icey String
  • Icey Stick


  • Icey Pig
  • Icey Cow
  • Icey Chicken
  • Icey Zombie
  • Icey Skeleton
  • Icey Creeper
  • Icey Spider
  • Icey Villager


  • Icey Grass Block
  • Icey Dirt
  • Icey Log
  • Icey Tnt (Doesn't Work Yet)
  • Icey Sand
  • Icey Planks
  • Icey Crafting Table (Doesn't Work Yet)
  • Icey Ore
  • Icey Ore Block
  • All Icey Wood Stuff 


  • Icey Porkchops
  • Icey Beef
  • Icey Chicken Breast
  • Icey Carrot
  • Icey Potato
  • Icey Rotten Flesh
  • Icey Bread


  • Icey Village
  • Snowman




  • Rainbow Ore
  • Rainbow Block
  • Rainbow Gem
  • Rainbow Armor
  • Rainbow Tools
  • Rainbow Sword


  • Flight Potion (Doesn't Work Yet)
  • Added Effects to Rainbow Armor 


maybe make textures slightly different than just white recolours of vanilla textures? the cold dimension image is also really blurry.

if the mod is still growing, i'd be happy to see some originality grow in there :)