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Published by blompot on Fri, 07/03/2020 - 10:39
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The Command menu lets you execute commands.

How to use:

  • M - Opens menu
  • /cmdmenu - Opens menu
  • /cm - Open menu (For 0.2)

What can it do:

  • You can change the time to day, night or a custom time.
  • Change your game mode to all of the game modes in the game.
  • You can teleport to a certain place using coordinates.
  • You can toggle fly. (Buggy and I can not fix it.)
  • You can kill a player.
  • You can give yourself a block.
  • You can set an block.
  • You can change the difficulty.
  • You can change the weather.

Feel free to suggest an idea.

Idea from DukeFromDerp77's CmdGUI Mod - Go check out his mod.

Modification files
CmdMenu-0.1-Alpha.jar - 1.15.2 - Alpha Release76.51 KB
CmdMenu-0.2-Snapshot1.jar - Snapshot101.8 KB
CmdMenu-0.2-Beta.jar - First Beta Release121.1 KB
CmdMenu-1.0-Stable.jar - Stable Release124.79 KB



  • Fixed not going into Adventure Mode.
  • Added "Fly on" and "Fly off" buttons.

 0.2 Snapshot 1:
  • Kill Button
  • Set block Button.
  • Give item Button.
  • /cm command.

Website Update
  • New Description.

  • Difficulty buttons.
  • Clear, rain, and thunderstorm buttons.
  • The project is now in beta.

  • Updated version to 1.16.5
  • Fixed grammar and spelling mistakes.

I found a bug where adventure mode button doesn't work I will fix it next update!

really useful! i might consider downloading this.
- /give <item> <number>
- shorten /cmdmenu to /cm
- /kill <parameters>
- /setblock <parameters>

I can suggest for your mod:
/difficulty buttons [e.g. Peaceful button, easy etc..]
/tp to player (not to coordinates)
/Locate buttons [e.g. Locate village button]
That's all i can suggest.