(ALBOF) A Little Bit Of Fantasy [Not For MOTW]

Published by RedCorr on Mon, 07/06/2020 - 08:44
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Minecraft Forge mod
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The mod itself is a bit filled with a little bit of fantasy.
That how it says!
However, its my first mod, but this mod is a bit of beuty one.

The mod adds:

16 new biomes;
New blocks;
New materials;
New instruments;
New mob: Elemental (Fire, Venom, Wither and Water)

New Blue Amethyst ore, block and gem and Alpha ore, block and gem
Also the Ord Steel!
The new metal and gems is here!

New structure generations with shrooms that will eat trees!

No other dimensions!
I will soon add loot tables and other biomes into game!

Welp, have fun with this mod!
If you see some issues, send me a reply.

Thanks for downloading!

Modification files
  • In 1.1.1 added -- New MultiTool
  • In 1.1 added -- Added new biomes (4 new biomes).
    ​​​​​​​-- Added new LootTable for one of the Hedge structures.
    -- Added Ord Steel Armor.
    -- Added Throwable Pebbles.


maybe improve the description a little bit? i love how you used elements more related to minecraft for the elementals. the classic elements are fire, water, earth and air, but yours are unique - fire and water are in minecraft, poison (venom) and wither are in minecraft, too.

I dunno.
Im still pretty trash at generating trees structures right but...
I'll try to improve the description later.
Also, thanks, elementals is really good mobs that i wanted in minecraft!

Hope you enjoyed~

Wonderful mod. Can you add another dimension? That would improve the mod. idk why.