Rocket Boots

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With this simple modification, you will be able to craft a pair of rockets boots to add fun to your game as well as having a new way of transportation! Time to show off of your friends and make life easier!

Thank you all for over 5K downloads on CurseForge =n_n=

Everything will be ported to this link from now on, see you there ;)




Modification files
RocketBoots0.2.6-1.12.jar - 0.2.6 for 1.126.65 MB

great texture for the boots and good-looking logo! i just think the crafting recipe is a little bit weird: maybe you could have a rocket mob that drops a crafting ingredient, or use something that looks a little more like the boots themselves. redstone makes sense, however diamonds and end crystals don't really look gold or black.

Very nice and useful mod (specially for places like nether)! I love how it's made, if there will be further updated I hope it they will be just as cool as the mod is now. Great work! ;)