The Duckmod!

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Minecraft Forge mod
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this mod add ducks to the game!
eggs, meat and even golden eggs that give you powerful modifications! 

everything texture and model in this mod is my original creations! 

the ducks spawn near the rivers and come in two variations ( chick and mature )

make sure you play in the last ( not recommended ) 1.14.4 forge version!

Have fun!


p.s the ducks are really cute!

Modification files
Duckmod.jar - the mod!412.08 KB

(may added new futures in the future)

What versions of Forge does this work with? Ever time I try to open Forge with this, it just crashes

Cool mod but the ducks look slightly unnatural, I think their necks are too far back.
Not meant to be mean and I understand how hard it is to create models but, that would be my only current feedback.