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This mod adds supersuits based on my self-made comic characters


New in 1.1.0: Guns, Villain suits, Some Hero suits and a recipe system overhaul.


Recipe block recipes:


Tier 1:

Captain cool- deepfrosted ice

Martius- Lapis Lazuli Block

Headmaster Plush- Light gray wool

Top hat- Black wool

Devlord- tnt

Tier 2:

Professor king- gnomeblood

Tibbe- yellow wool

Amaganinja- Diamond sword

Airforce- phantom membrane


Tier 3:

Black skull- wither skeleton skull

Blackface- Dark ball (one of black skulls ability items)

Enderlord- enderman juice

Meno Ion- nanocube

Redron- Suit packet



When right clicked: if powered by redstone and has blue ice placed on top of it it will turn it into deepfrosted ice

When that block is instead an iron block it will possibly turn into six iron ingots or a Nanocube.


When a constant pulse is provided( redstone clock recommended) and is filled with glass bottles,

if a gnome walks on top of it it will turn bottles into gnomeblood (a 20% chance)

If a blaze walks on top of it will turn bottles into blaze juice (a 20% chance)

If an enderman walks on top of it will turn bottles into enderman juice ( 60% chance)



- Captain cool


-Headmaster Plush

-Professor king


-Black skull

-Enderlord (Based off of friend suggestion)

-Top hat




-Meno Ion



-More to come




Captain cool:

C: Toggle Ice bridge

V: Summon snow golem (this will give you a short amount of slowness and some damage)

G: Summon ice sword


The ice bridge ability replaces the air blocks beneath you with ice that dissappears within a few seconds.


C: Place a platform below you at the cost of slowness for a short while, walk along the platform to create more

V: Place a five block high pillar where you look with a percent chance of enflicting slowness ( can be used as wall)

G: Summon staff

 Headmaster plush:

C: Grow to 0.45 size (if ThreeCore is installed)
V: Grow back to normal size ( if ThreeCore is installed)
G: Nothing

Passive: Slow falling

Professor King:

C: grow to 0.2 size and get a little strength (if ThreeCore is installed)
V: create poison or helpfull potion if bottle is held
G: Summon Professor King's Blaster (enflicts poison or extra damage)




C: Grow to 0.45 size (if ThreeCore is installed)
V: Grow back to normal size ( if ThreeCore is installed)
G: Gives Electric Knuckles that have a chance to deal extra damage and strike lightning

Passive: Slow falling

Black skull:

C: Toggle armor and abilities (pretty cool for pranks and roleplay)
V: Explode
G: give dark balls( sort snowballs but with damage and wither) or if those equiped a Dark cleaver that effects wither and effects you levitation when right clicked 

Passive: Strenght II


C: Teleports you up 3 blocks
V: at the cost of a part of your health grants creative flight
G: summons Night Sting that when right clicked teleports you 3 blocks in looking direction
Passive: Speed, Strength II, Resistance II, Regeneration

And has a really cool armor model

 Top hat

 C: Toggle hat

V: Summon bunny

G throwing knife


C sword

V bomb

G minigun


C Toggle stealth (WIP)

V Sword

G Swords


C when on ground toggle elytra/ when in air slow falling

V Rockets

G Airforce bow


C when holding stick and is night spawns your body and you become spectator, to turn back punch your body

V summons a poison Projectile

G Weapon that improves all your attributes significantly when night

 Meno Ion

C upwards boost

V forwards boost/dash

G Uzi


C Toggle armor

V upwards boost

G cycle through 5 weapons



 Where to find gnomes?

Gnomes spawn in dark forests along with their houses.

The houses spit out gnomes after time 0 and before 1400. Else they stay inside

spits out gnomes when starting to destroy



I like this mod how can I contribute to future updates?

- Downloading the mod

- By commenting your own super heroes with their powers and looks.

- If you think you can do something that would help it would be greatly appriciated.


visit https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/power-suits for story aspects

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