A little armor

Published by Krausth on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 02:50
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A little armor


A mod that introduces the game

-4 raw materials

-3 variants

-3 sets of armor

-3 sets of weapons

-1 new biome

-1 new mob

in which everyone will carry out a process of creation, not only cooking each mineral, even in the future it will change to form a dimension and a boss



Un mod que introduce al juego

-4 materias primas

-3 variantes 

-3 conjuntos de armaduras

-3 conjuntos de armas

-1 nuevo bioma

-1 nuevo mob

en los cuales todos llevaran un proceso de creacion, no solo el cocinar cada mineral, incluso en un futuro ira cambiando a formarse una dimensión y un boss


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Minecraft Forge mod
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