Minecraft X BEDROCK

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Bedrockers, you're not missing out on Minecraft X! MCX is here for bedrock edition! With stylish new textures, Minecraft X is everywhere! Minecraft X (abbreviated MCX) is a big mod with addons, like Obsidian tools, Copper, and more! Minecraft X is good for housing. it has a widespread amount of blocks and items. It's also good for adventuring, with Obsidian tools, Xhil (MCX's new material.). There is also wax. Wax is easy to carry around. Wax is very durable but doesn't do the job that well. Have fun using Minecraft X!

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Bedrock Edition Add-on
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Minecraft X BEDROCK.mcaddon - MCX for Minecraft Bedrock.55.32 KB

1.0: Created. 2.0 will be when MCreator finishes Minecraft Bedrock addons.