Adventure Plus (Utilities) *CANCELLED*

Published by ImJedd on Tue, 07/28/2020 - 00:04
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Downloads for 1.15.2 only available at the download link. (Requires: FORGE)

Adventure Plus Utilities is one of a few mods that I have in development to eventually have a fully finished mod-pack called Adventure Plus, to greatly increase your experience within Minecraft.

Utilities pack includes over 30 new items/blocks that are either unique ways of helping you in your vanilla Minecraft adventure or just my take on existing ideas.

Mod-packs: This mod may be included in mod-packs, if

  1. I am credited. (please include a link to this page)
  2. you do not make money from the mod-pack. No charging for it or putting it behind an ad link.

  - 35+ New items

I will be updating and adding a lot more creative and unique utility items and blocks!

If you have any ideas that you think would be a great addition to the mod or tweaks you would make, then please contact me and I'll take them into consideration!

Looks cool, but you could write what do these utilities do in the description (at least some of them)