Very hard(or tough creature)

Published by Ping Pong on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 14:01
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WATCH THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING THE MOD: This is a very hard modpack, instead of changing the game, I make the mobs tough and add many new mobs. Also if you want to check for new update, check out my discord server There are some feature you must know:

Pumpkin infected human, miner pumpkin, savage pumpkin and savage pumpkin chief: these are really hostile undead mob that generated in specific biome, they are really fast and some even immune to arrows.

Root of grave: This 'golems' are melee mob that spawn in plain, savanna and snowy tundra( or even soul sand valley after the 1.16 update). They will shoot stones toward you and get hit by the stones you will get struck by lightling, they are extremely dangerous of there really fast shooting skill all immue to arrow.

Stalker: This undead mob will spawn in taiga biome and not only hate players, they also hate animals( including wolfs), they sometime will jump very high and land on you and bite you. They will also drop bottle of clear which clear all your potion effect(and stackable).

Creeper egg sac: If you see some blocks with many eyes then that is a creeper egg sac. If you trying to break it a creeper will spawn and blown you up. walk on it also spawn a creeper. The only way to get it is similar to dragon egg, Also it is useless.

Zombie of anger: This mob will spawn in the taiga biome. They walk slowly toward you silently and will instantly kill you. You have no ways to kill it and the only way is to instantly kill it. So be careful!

Grim flower: This purple flower(you can see them in the background) is prickly and deadly. If you try to break it you will get hurt very bad and if you try to walk across it you will get stuck and died. They will only generate in plain, savanna and snowy tundra(THESE BIOMES ARE TOO EASY!!!!!!).

Also thank for Crwbanman and JitterPluto for create some of the texture, enjoy >:)


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the picture is funny, but can we get some more pictures of the actual mod, Thanks!