the end void mod

Published by jur110 on Fri, 07/31/2020 - 13:40
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the end void mod

this mod adds a dimension below the end

how to get there

to get into the end void you jump down into the void in the end (duh)

how to exit:

there are 2 ways to exit:

1-defeat the boss and craft a void star, and right clock it on the ground

2-find a ancient exit in the dungeons underground


-the end watelands

a foggy wastland filled with drained endermen

-the chorus forest

-toxic plains

can only be entered with a gas mask

-the ender jungle(no screenshot )

-fire hills



-the end boar

a boar in the end void

-the drained enderman

endermen who fell from the end

-the end spirit

the boss of the dimension

-ender villager

added in the mod, but does not have an use yet

important items:

-the ender blade

a strong blade powered by the void essence

-the void star

-has an ability to bring you back to the overworld from any dimension

important blocks:

-the ender altar

right click with ONE drained ender pearl to summon the ender spirit.

-the ancient exit

takes you back to the overworld.

you can spot one in a void dungeon.


-the ender fort

its rare and it's the only way to exit the end void.

has an ender altar on top which spawns the boss of the dimension.

-the void dungeon

(randomly generated)structures with valuable items inside


                                        deleted features and concepts:

-the ender chess piece looking thing(deleted)

glows in the dark

-the ender bow(concept)

powerful bow crafted with ender essence

-more biomes(concept)

no ideas for them yet




more content coming in the future.


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Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
end void snapshot 1.3.2-02.jar - just some performance fixes, there is less lag now1.28 MB
better end void alpha 1.3.5.jar - check changelog1.37 MB
end void snapshot 1.3.6-01.jar - small changes to some textures1.37 MB


-added the ender fort

-made the ender spirit stronger


-added ender villagers( aka hoodmen)

-added void dungeons


-added ender traders

-added ender camps


-performance fixes


-performance fixes


-added the toxic plains

-added the ender jungle

-added the fire hills

-added toxic trees

-added toxic planks

-added gas masks


-changed some textures