Endless Void

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Welcome to the Endless Void! ...but, no one is here to welcome you. This mod brings you to an entirely new dimension, and adds new blocks, a mob, and more!

The Void Forest

The Void Forest is a biome in the Endless Void dimension, filled with barren trees and Endermen. These Void Stems can be used to make normal wooden tools, and a new type of planks.

The Void Barrens

The Void Barrens is the second biome in the Endless Void, and doesn't provide much. This biome is bare and has nothing in it. Just void and nothing else. Except the...

Void Entity

A terrifying new mob that wanders aimlessly around the Void Barrens, and is hostile to anything that comes across it. Try not to let a group of them gang up on you!


Ah yes, mining, the main part of Minecraft. The Endless Void mod adds a new Material which you can use to craft weapons, tools, and armor! Voidium is a new Material that you can get from Voidium Ore, which drops only a fragment. You need 8 Voidium Fragments and a Diamond in order to make one Voidium Gem.

Purifying Voidium

Enhance your Weapons, Tools, and Armor with Purified Voidium! Use the new Purification Table to Purify Voidium Gems and make the most powerful items.


Void Portals can be made by crafting and by finding them in the Overworld. However, the Void Portal structure is hard to find. You can obtain the Void Gateway through crafting.

Go ahead and jump into the Void and have a new Minecraft experience! (No, you cannot go to the end and jump in the void to get to the new dimension.)


[Please do not re-upload this mod anywhere.]

Modification files
Endless Void b1.0.2.jarUploaded on: 08/18/2020 - 03:57   File size: 3.03 MB

Beta 1.0

+21 new blocks

+1 new mob

+New material for weapons and tools

Beta 1.0.1

+Added a few missing recipes

+Added Voidium/Purified Voidium Armor

Beta 1.0.2

+Added 2 new blocks

+Added the Voidgas fluid

+Added the new Voidberry food item

+Added Voidberry Bush

+Added the new Void Strike enchantment along with the new Void Resistance Potion

just realized how similar this is to my mod lol. Even the description looks similar xD

Cool mod. I will download once I finish making a 1.13.2 plugin since on one of the forums someone was wondering if anyone could make a 1.13 plugin