Prey To Cruelty

Published by BraevOne22 on Mon, 08/10/2020 - 04:05
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Have you ever felt that normal Minecraft isn't hard enough? Have you downloaded mods that were too hard? I introduce to you, Prey To Cruelty. In this mod, there's more stuff, but too much stuff. New mobs, new ores, new items, and a new dimension. Not too much right? Just a few things here and there to give you a challenge that's not too hard. 

Modification files
Prey to Cruelty_1.jar - V0.01 474.73 KB
  • Added a new mob, The Day Walker.
  • Added a new ore, Crystalite.
  • Added a new Dimension, The Cruelands.
  • Added new blocks, all beginning with Cruelled.
  • More to come!