Custom Music Discs

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This is a simple mod that adds additional music discs to the game. I've created the music for said discs myself specifically for this mod. At the moment the mod only has one music disc, but as time progresses I may add more music discs. The current disc is entitled and teleport and is themed around the warped forests. I thought since the pigstep is associated with piglins and the crimson forest, that I should create an alternative nether disc themed around the warped forests and enderman. If you want to listen to the music in wav form or any of my other music, check out my youtube channel.

Modification files
Custom Music Discs (v1.0.1.jar - 1.15.2 Version1.36 MB

Hey! I featured this mod in my Mcreator MOTW showcase video!

hey I would like you to update the mod. Minecraft is very boring and I repeat after a while, and more discs as a new challenge I would like a lot.Thanks to people, minecraft is enjoyed more