twisted dimension

Published by saalby55 on Mon, 08/31/2020 - 12:18
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the twisted world that is just like a minecraft world but corrupted there is not mutch life in there, if you find life somehow you'll find it in the mines were the guards of the twisted world are lost, or the houses with the twisted villagers...

The guards and the villagers are diferent creatures, but they are friends.

the guards are toxic to carbon dioxide

the guards are hostile better watch out!

the achivement "Not better than diamond but better than me" is broken, soon will be removed

do not go into the water it ill suck you in!



This mod will probably be updated with some other stuff :)



this mod will probably will not be updated anymore because it doesnt work anymore, im sorry

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Minecraft Forge mod
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twisted dimension_0.jar - ver. 18.23 MB
td.jar - ver.28.23 MB
td_0.jar - ver.2 (deleted broken achivement)8.23 MB


-added twisted dungeon

-added selling place

-added recipe for the twisted dimension igniter


-removed broken achivement