Published by MILLIMEDIA on Sun, 09/06/2020 - 10:10
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Beyond: INFINITY is a fantasy mod based in the universe of one of my current game projects: Cataclysm.


Part 1: Cobalt

Cobalt is a stronger-than-diamonds resource, but is only found in the Cobalt Deltas biome, which at night, and when underground, is extremely dangerous, as the Cobalt Elementals will hunt you down on sight and attack you with their axes. Try and get a full set of cobalt armor and a cobalt sword to help you when grinding for the next part.

Everything related to cobalt! (Except the cobalt elemental and core)

Part 2: Midnight Tools

The midnight set consists of 2 tools but they are both worth the danger getting them. They require 2 Cobalt Cores each, meaning you have to kill 4 cobalt elementals to get the full set. Try to lure the elementals away from the group otherwise you'll get surrounded by axe-wielding terrors...

Part 3: Acidflux Gear

Acidflux is a stronger substance you can use for armor. It is obtained by building a portal frame of lapis and lighting it with a rune charm (crafted with a 1 obsidian and 1 quartz). This dimension is relatively peaceful, just be careful of acid. NOTE: You cannot mine Acidflux ore until you have a midnight pickaxe

Part 4: Wait for the next update!

Yep, that's it for now! Hope you have fun with this mod!

Happy Minecrafting time wasting!

Modification files
Beyond_Infinity_0-2-1.jar - Version MB
Beyond_Infinity_ALPHA_0-1-1.jar - Version KB

VERSION 0.2.1 - 46 Mod Elements (+24)

  • Added Cobalt Deltas (biome)
  • Added Cobalt Spire (structure)
  • Cobalt Ore is now a lot more common and spawns at all levels (tweak)
  • Cobalt Ore now only spawns in the Cobalt Deltas biome (tweak)
  • Added Cobalt Elemental (entity - hostile)
  • Added Cobalt Core (item)
  • Added the Nightfall (weapon - melee)
  • Decreased the Cobalt Sword's damage from 9 to 7 (tweak)
  • Increased the Cobalt Sword's attack speed from 1 to 1.6 (tweak)
  • Added Acid (fluid)
  • Added Wasteland (biome)
  • Added Ruined Dimension (dimension)
  • Added Midnight Pickaxe (tool - pickaxe)
  • Added Acidflux Ore (block)
  • Added Acidflux Crystal (item)
  • Added Acidflux Block (block)
  • Added Acidflux Armor (armor)

VERSION 0.1.1 - 22 Mod Elements (+22)
    - Added Cobalt Ore
    - Added Cobalt Ingot
    - Added Cobalt Block
    - Added Cobalt Pickaxe
    - Added Cobalt Sword
    - Added Cobalt Axe
    - Added Cobalt Shovel
    - Added Cobalt Hoe
    - Added Cobalt Armor