Infinite Loot!

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Made by Shadowdragon019

V 0.7.0 Alpha

This mod was made because the desert is boring and needs something... Dungeons! This mod currently adds 1 type of dungeon to the desert. There will be more dungeons in different biomes later on and dungeons will look better (possibly randomly generated?)

Please give feedback! What do you like/dislike? Got any feature ideas? Got a bug? Tell me on my Discord! -->

Modification files
Infinite Loot v0.7.jar - First Alpha release V . KB

V 0.7.0 - Alpha release

 - Known bug: Structures generate with parts of them cut out, refer to images 3 and 4 for examples. This is a problem with Minecraft that I am working on a work around

 - Known Bug: Structures will sometimes generate pig spawns at their center, this is a easy fix I was too lazy to do, will be fixed in the next update. Refer to image 5 for example.

if the spawner doesn't work, create a custom block that places a spawner of that type on tick update.