PlayTics Furniture Mod

Published by BlockBit on Wed, 09/09/2020 - 10:08
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This little Mod adds a lot of new great stuff. Now you can cook meet with a pan or get light by new lamps. Discover this new Mod for Minecraft 1.15 and for 1.16 soon.

This Mod is best used with JEI. But i add the pictures from the recipes 👆 on my CurseForge Site

In my opinion, the best is the smartphone. You can place it and use it and go in the apps. Test it out

You can also download the Mod here: CurseForge Site


I creating the englisch version of the mod right now. I hope you like it.

Edit: The Englisch Version is out ^^

IMPORTANT: All Images about the Mod are in the old (only German) version. So i would not make all images new so jea... 


This Mod add this stuff:



Package - You can either open the package by hand or place it and open it

Smartphone - you can open or place the smartphone in your hand. You can turn it on by pressing "O". Hold the phone in your hand. You can find out the current weather, the current time of day and much more on your smartphone

Stove - the stove is required to use the pan. The stove needs redstone to function

Pan - Must be placed on the stove. Can roast meat (now all variants and all fish variant)

Closet - this closet works like a chest. Only more beautiful ; )

Double closet - this closet consists of two blocks. Check it out in-game

Outdoor lamp - this lamp can be placed on the wall and comes on automatically at night

Indoor lamp - this lamp is perfect for indoor use. You can turn them on and off with a right click

Metal shelf - like the double cabinet, this metal shelf consists of an upper and lower shelf

Cardboard - is made from paper and used to make a package

Aluminum - is used to make the smartphone

Raspberries - you can get raspberry plants that randomly spawn in forests and plant them (on the field block), (right click on a raspberry plant)

Raspberry seeds - can be made from raspberries and used for planting

French fries - are made from potatoes and can be baked in the oven

Flour - made from wheat and used to make the raspberry muffin

Raspberry Muffin - is made from flour and can be eaten like any other food

Sunflower oil - is made from sunflowers

Strawberries - currently no function

Modification files
PlayTics Furniture Mod v. 1.8 hotfix3 1.16.jar - Furniture Mod 1.8 for 1.16.x5.11 MB