PlayTics Cold Lava Mod (CLM)

Published by BlockBit on Sat, 09/12/2020 - 19:32
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CLM (Cold Lava Mod)


The Mod is perfect for the Nether, when you would to explore it.

When MCreator comes out for 1.16, i would update the Mod for 1.16 [Forge]


The Mod adds:

Termochanger: Place it on the side of a lavablock, and after a time it explode and create the "Cold Lava"

Cold Lava: You can walk on it. When next too lava, it expanse

Pyrostick: klick with it on a Cold Lava Block and it place Hilporion

Hilporion: Its the block wich change the Cold Lava back into normal Lava. And unbreakable.

Modification files
PlayTics CLM 1.15 v. 1.0.jar - The Mod...?86.4 KB

XD thanks but this is my last mod because my live has no function without mcreator :(