Minecraft Mineshafts And Mobs Alpha

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 Minecraft Mineshafts And Mobs is a mod adding lots to minecraft! Adding mobs like the Trollager, Shroomfolk, Rats, and Owls and adding magic rings such as the Daybreak Ring, the Dark Ring, and the Storm Ring. This is only the alpha version of this mod, so please leave feedback and ideas in the comments. We have many more planned features like Kobolds, Huskies, and Crystal Men. I understand this doesn't work amazing, but again this is only the alpha. Thanks for downloading!


Nothin' yet lol...

Nice mod and idea, but the textures could be improved, especially the mob skins.

You can rotate mod models using the basic rotation functions (right arm swing, right leg swing, head animation, etc...) and can do some crazy stuff if you have enough time to test some things- for example, you can make a snake through correct positioning of arm and leg rotations within it's body. Tabula is the best model creator for animation, as it's joint system is very easy to use.

how to add multiple mobs in a mod!When I have one and I want to add more it make a error!Help