Published by SHORT on Sat, 09/26/2020 - 23:12
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With some mod updates, I ended up creating more versions than the site allows to upload,

so I will be deleting the older ones (except the base version), and adding them to my github repository.

Just a "Hi"


Hi everyone, this is my first mod, and I’m very happy with the progress it’s making.

Well, the name of the mod is just a joke with the language, I tried to create

a subjective title, which represented something beyond what is written.


About the mod [¹]


You can see that this mod is in the "Technology and Science Fiction" category,

I checked this option because even though my mod has

real-life features, it also has other features that are not real.

[²] In this mod we will use a lot of kindling. Minecraft vanilla

doesn't have the huge variables that we can make with them.

In addition this mod is very difficult, and because of that I am thinking of doing

some tutorials to help you understand (I was thinking of recording myself

playing with the mod, as there are features that MCreator does not support yet.)


Resources [¹]


Alpha Version

 Base version
5 Plants Belladona, Caladium, Daphne, Poinsettia, Rhubarb
1 Ingot Sanded Iron Ore
1 Tool Machete
1 Armor  Sanded Iron Armor
1 Tree Rubber tree 'Still not is the structure'
4 Blocks Rubber log, Rubber Tree Leaf, Watering Machine, Stick Workbench
7 Materials Wet Stick, Dry stick, Molded Stick, Wet Stick in Mold, Stick Cable, Mold


Well, that's it for now. I will continue to post the changes here, so if you like it don't forget to check them in the changelog!


Modification files
FL.jar - Base.238.61 KB
FL 0.1.7.jar287.69 KB
FL 0.1.9.jar310.39 KB

Brazil UTC−3 [00:32 | 09/27/2020]

[FL 0.1.5]


  • Gloves added
  • All slots from Stick Workbench working
  • plants when broken by the player without gloves, cause poison.
  • Rubber Tree Structure added

To do:

  • Fix glove texture
  • Stick Workbench doenst craft
  • Doenst exist recipe of sanded iron armor
  • Do modification in recipe of Leather Rope (The shears disappears)

do after:

  • Add the sapling for Rubber Tree


Brazil UTC−3 [04:00 | 09/27/2020]

[FL 0.1.7]


  • Added rubber tree structure IN THE WOLRD
  • Added rubber tree saplling
  • Added sanded iron recipe
  • Added custom drops for rubber tree leaves (Can use shears to pick the leaves)
  • Fixed gloves textures
  • Edited gloves recipes
  • Edited watering machine texture

To do:

  • Fix Stick Workbench
  • Fix the shears disappears
  • Edit speed to destroy the rubber tree leaves


Brazil UTC−3 [20:47 | 09/27/2020]

[FL 0.1.9]


  • Added rubber tree leaves drops
  • Added sanded iron shears
  • Added properties rubber tree sapling (Now you can use bonemeal or wait grow)
  • Fixed Stick Workbench
  • Fixed the shears disappears
  • Edited Iron Sanded Armor name in the game

to do:

  • Add sanded iron shears recipe


Brazil UTC−3 [21:14 | 09/27/2020]



  • Added sanded iron shears recipe

to do:

  • add 3d model of pipe