More Ore Variations Mod

Published by Xanter415 on Tue, 10/06/2020 - 18:31
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This mod adds more ore variations to the game. So, you now don't have only regular Ore, but Bigger Ore, The Biggest Ore, and Small ore too. From bigger ores, you will get more items than from regular ones, and from small less than from regular one (Gold and Iron will give you 4 nuggets, Redstone 1 redstone dust).

Things to fix: Particles for all 3 redstone ores do not work-> I wil try to fix this in future versions.


Adjusted hardness for all ores and also mod is now translated into 3 languages

Seems like a small but neat mod. Its always nice to have a little variety without changing too much.

This is a fun little mod! A small addition that just adds to the feel and the fun of minecraft!