Galacticraft Spacesuits

Published by Nixa56q_ on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 14:59
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Galacticraft Spacesuits is a minecraft mod that gives you spacesuits to galacticraft, i don't own anything about galacticraft but that mod doesn't have spacesuits so i

wanted to make one so i made but i wanted it to be private but i shared it with everyone. Make sure you download the mod and use these suits when playing galacticraft!

and all recipes are in images, 3 images shows how suits look and 3 crafting recipes. ENJOY!

Modification files
Galacticraft Spacesuits_1.jar - First version, has still fat outfits so i want it to be like its on your skin. But i don't know how to do that so...41.85 KB
Galacticraft Spacesuits 1.2_0.jar - Second version, still no suits like its on your skin but things are fixed, you can't use any of suits on venus so i fixed it!41.85 KB

Problem fixed!

You can now use suits on venus and other planets with storms and suits wont be damaged a bit!

I removed how suits looks pictures cuz developer suc*s and he removed my mod from site so i published it again but now
you can't see how suits looks so download the mod to see! also developer suc*s cuz he said i STOLE resources but I DIDN'T STOLE! i just screenshoted myself near rockets. He REALLY IS SUC*