Void Update (Forge)

Published by Pylo300 on Sat, 10/17/2020 - 12:08
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A new Void Update mod is released.

What's new?

Deaths are unknown behavior, attacks to death, all mobs, except deaths, creepers.

All potion effects, death, instantly kills, stimulator, instantly restores full health, cobweb effect, entities gets stuck by cobweb effect, fire effect, instantly inflicts fire for 15 seconds. Extinguisher, instantly extinguished entities from fire, hopeless, instantly inflicts, 2 hunger points, 2 health points - 1 heart, is a negative or positive potion effects.

The Void Dimension: do not enter, instantly kills by death effect, this dimension is filled with bedrocks.

Modification files

Added Deaths, instantly kills entities, all done!