Village Update (Forge)

Published by Pylo300 on Sat, 10/17/2020 - 12:17
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A new Village Update mod is released.

Birds are passive, when tamed or feed with any seeds, then became to adults for a breed.

Birds imitate all illager type mobs.

Hunter Illagers are hostile towards players, birds, phantoms, parrots, villagers, iron golems, snow golems, wandering traders, trader llamas.

Added new structures: Villager outpost, like pillager outpost structure, all villagers, 1 iron golem, all birds.

Villager Cage: Four villagers trapped in cages, now you can get free villagers.

Hunters Range Tower: is a structure spawns Hunter Illager, armor stand with turtle shell, spawns in all jungle biomes.

All villager profession doors, recipe 6 job-site blocks, all villager profession variants of doors.

Modification files
Village Update (Forge).jar - 1.15.2391.77 KB

All done again!

Great mod if there's more updates it could become MOTW :D