Steel Forged Combat

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Welcome to Steel Forged Combat! The goal of this mod is to create Steel, an alloy of Iron and Coal dust, and upgrade it into powerful armor, capable of devastating all that is around you. To begin this mod, your first steps are going to be to make the Hammer and the Crucible. The hammer is used to crush ores into dust, and hammer ingots into plates. The Crucible is a machine that reaches blazing hot temperatures to create alloys, and in this case, Steel Ingots. Steel ingots can be crafted into a new armor, Steel Armor. This armor provides in-between iron-diamond armor stats, at the cost of giving you slight slowness. However, you can take your newfound steel ingots one step further. Steel Plates. You can use your hammer to pound Ingots into the desired shape, and use them for multiple things. If you wish to progress with the mod, you can make Machine frames, used in the creation of the next machines. However, If you wish for even more powerful tools and armor, you can make Light Steel Armor, or Heavy Steel Armor. Light Steel armor gives the same stats as Regular Steel Armor, but without the slowness. Heavy Steel armor offers the stats of "Slightly Higher than diamond" but with strong slowness. 3 Weapons associated with these steel types are Regular Steel, Light Steel, and Heavy Steel Swords. Regular Steel is just diamond stats. Light Steel is iron stats, but you can attack very quickly. Heavy Steel is Slow, but deals massive damage(due to the fact that it's basically a big metal bat.). Machine Frames are used to make machines after the Crucible. The immediate next machine you will need is the Centrifuge. You can make the Hammering Machine first if you like, but most of the mod, you can get by without it. Before you get the Centrifuge, there is an ore you must find, called Iridium. Iridium is a strange meteoric ore that can only be found in meteorites fallen to Earth. Luckily, once you find a Meteor, Iridium will be in great abundance, along with other ores. Make sure to collect some Meteoric Stone, as you'll need it for one of the Final Tiers of Armor. Once you've cooked up some Iridium Ingots out of your ore, you can make an item called an Iridium Fuel Cell. This is a strong vial used to contain powerful chemical reactions, turning them into Exothermic Fuel Cells. However, you must first make a Centrifuge from your Iridium Cells. After you do that, you can put Iridium Fuel Cells in the first slot, blaze powder in the next, and coal on the bottom slot. This will give you the Exothermic Fuel Rod. Exothermic Fuel Cells are used as the main fuel for most of the Machines. After you get your shiny new Fuel Rods, you'll want to make an Assembler. The assembler is a machine, when powered with Fuel Rods, will assemble components together to make some more machines and a new weapon. If you want to use the machine however, you must go back to the very first machine: The Crucible. You see, there is a new alloy you need to make with your iridium, iron, and coal dust. No fancy name, it's just called Iridium Alloy Plate. Simply Smelting Iridium Alloy Dust in a Crucible will give you the plate, no need to hammer it down. After that, you can combine your new plates, with a bow, some iridium rods, and other items to make an Iridium Alloy Rifle. This new ranged weapon has 2x the range of a bow, and several times the power. To use it, you will need to make Steel Ammo, which is just 4 steel plates around gunpowder. You may be wondering, "When do you stop talking, and get to the fancy machines?" To finally get the final tier of machines used for Armor, you must get their corresponding items. To make the Photon Compressor, used for making Photon Steel, you need Refined Glow; fancy words for Glow-stone encased in 4 steel plates on the corners. For Atomic Ingots, you need Eyes of ender, with steel plating, and blaze rods. This recipe is justified, seeing as Atomic Steel does major damage. Lastly, for Terransteel, you need uranium ingots. Remember towards the start I told you to grab some Meteoric Stone? Well, Now you need to put two in the centrifuge to get uranium nuggets. I must warn you, nothing good ever came of holding uranium in your bare hands, so try to hold it for as little as you can. Once you combine some machine frames with Iridium Alloy Plates, fuel cells, and the corresponding item(I'll be posting exact recipes in images soon.), you will get the Machine Block. I must warn you, the only fuel used in these Machines are Exothermic Fuel Cells, so have plenty on hand. If you open the GUI for each machine, you'll notice 4 slots. The Top slot is for Steel Ingots, the Right Slot is for the Corresponding Item(Refined Glow, Atomic Stabilization Units, and Uranium) and the Left slot is for your Fuel. Each one of these items provides 2 ingots per item. Once you make the ingots, you can craft them into armor. However, an item you'll want first is the Control Module, to make into an Attuned Control Gauntlet. This item allows you to harness the full potential of each armor set. A Control module is made with a machine frame, levers, and some red-stone items(exact recipes coming soon). To Attune a gauntlet, it's as simple as crafting a steel plate with the Corresponding Item, and a control module. To use a Gauntlet, you can either right click, or left click. Left Click is normally more powerful, and Right Click is normally just an assist to you. You must note that if you aren't wearing a full set of armor, you'll get a set of nasty de-buffs, such as Nausea, Slowness, and Mining Fatigue. The abilities of Atomic Steel's right click is that you teleport a far distance, and give you slowness for about half a second. The Left Click unleashes a wave of Instant damage around your feet, for about 15 blocks, It doesn't affect you. Terransteel's right click is a berserker mode of sorts. It gives you speed, strength, jump boost, and others, but gives you blindness. Useful when surrounded by enemies and you don't need to aim. Terransteel's left click gives a new effect, "Rot", to enemies 20 blocks around you. Rot gives slowness, blindness, and slight withering. Good if you just want to escape and do some lasting damage. Lastly, Photonsteel's right click summons a storm of lightning exactly where you are, but making you invulnerable, The Left Click will do the same, but more lightning in a bigger radius. (I will be tweaking this.) 

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