FGO Card Collection

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This mod is base on mobile game: Fate/Grand Order. Fate/Grand Order is one of very popular mobile game and also come from Fate series which make byType-Moon company.


Currently (Version 1.0) will have 60 Servant (from Artoria Pendragon till Orion) and Da Vinci, Helena Christmas from arcade version only

Each servant will have al 4 stage art and April Fool art, some have Silver and Gold frame depend on their rarity and some also have a costume art as well

The card is 64x64 which I see as the most minimum quality that you can able to see the detail of the card (other item will be 16x16)


The way how mod work is to collect a Saint Quartz from it own Ore then craft Servant Block, servant block will randomize the servant card after you break it



Servant Block will only have Stage 1 card, to get Stage 2-4, it require to be craft by using Stage 1 and other items (Skill item, Exp item, Ascension item) which all can get from it own Ore

The recipe is mostly the same pattern for it to be easy to remember

xxx <- (Only use when craft Stage 3)  Wisdom/EXP item (change depend on card rarity), Skill item: Gem (Depend on card class), Ascension Item: Piece (depend on card class)

xxx <- Stage 1/2/3, Stage 1 (when craft Stage 3), Stage 1 (Always)

xxx <- Wisdom/EXP item (change depend on card rarity), Skill item: Shining(Stage 2), Secret (Stage 3), Crstallized Lore(Stage 4) (Depend on card class), Ascension Item: Piece (Stage 2), Monument (Stage 3-4)(depend on card class)





You can also craft April Fool art with Stage 1 and Manga like this




Costume craft material is depend on the card itself

ps. you should use JEI mod to know the recipe


There also Grail which can use for chaning the frame (increase rarity)




Next Update Plan:

- All Servant card

- All Craft Essence

Wish to do (this is depend if I or someone who willy to help can do it)

-Servant Card can summon servant (this is last on the list due to it require a model for every single Stage and I have to figure how to do it with Card)


Credit all go to TypeMoon, DelightWorks and every single artist who draw an art for servant and craft essence in Fate/Grand Order.

Also thank to Aizer and Azuto for FGO card generator (I do not use the website, but I use the resource from there to make my own card so credit go to them as well)

I gained no profit from making this mod, and I do not plan to accept money from making this mod.

Modification files
fgomod-1.15.2.jar - Version 1.011.1 MB