roleplay mod

Published by cwckasen on Sun, 10/25/2020 - 00:54
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Minecraft Forge mod
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add new biomes call fun.

add biomes call chaos.

add a new item that like TNT calls the power of the galaxy.

add new biomes call memory 5.

add red steve. red steve fight green steve

orange steve. fight rainbow red and violet steve

yellow steve fight indigo steve.

green steve fight red.

add indigo steve fight yellow steve.

, add new biomes call free for all.

add a new biome run.

add new biomes call 1023.

add rainbow stone does nothing at the moment.

add galaxy biome.

add a new dimension call galaxy world.

add a Block call Bosslmleaf.

add Couprt and Couprt block.

add Aatrikelog.

add a new  dimension call the void.

new biomes call the void.

 add a new  dimension call memory.

add a mod tab.

add lava grass.

add Myticgrass.

add sad log add.

rainbow red fight orange steve.

add galaxy steve fight nightmare steve.

add nightmare steve fight galaxy steve and attack player.

add ultra steve attack chaos steve.

add chaos steve attack ultra steve.

add dark steve attack light steve.

add darkness attack player and rainbow hub statute.

add light steve attack dark steve .

add Myticgrass.

added color wheel as a painting.

added Violet Steve fight orange steve.

rainbow steve attack reverse steve.

reverse steve attack rainbow steve.

add rainbow hub statute attack darkness.

new block call memory block cane be use to make a portal .

Modification files
roleplay2.jar - supprot MB

Guy, you shouldn't put the mcreator window to the thumbnail. Also change the description to normal one.