A totally safe excursion to lovely Brazil

Published by repolhomem on Wed, 11/11/2020 - 12:39
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Ahhhh, Brazil. A beautiful, boundless land filled with exotic wildlife and friendly people. According to the internet, it is a rather dangerous and unwelcoming place, but please do not pay that any mind. They are just memes.

Come explore the luscious forests and wondrous cityscapes of this great country!

Brazil is rendered as a seperate dimension, so all content is completely excludable from your playthrough. Again, safety guaranteed!

There are no mobs in Ba-Sing-Se


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BrazilTravel.jar - Come on down to a wonderful place17.73 MB

Done and dusted. Release version.









Pls no ban

Change the thumbnail to the screenshot of your mod Items or something in-game related to your mod.

I am Brazilian and is the best country in the world, idk why american people keep saying that is a bad place, tnx for this mod man <3

Everyone says that 'my' country is the best. So, the conclusion is - Every country is best. :)