Desert Survival Mod (Released)

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This is a mod to make the desert a little more exciting by adding, Javelina; A desert pig that will attack if attacked, SandWorm; a small entity that will attack you in the sand at night, Pancake cacti; an item and plant that can be replanted and used for food and breeding Javelinas, Sandstone tools, recipe for wood and dirt, (using sticks to craft planks for wood, and one sand and one gravel and two bone meal for two dirt), and more! This mad was made for buffet worlds that are desert. please read changelog for updates about the updates.



This is my first mod so any suggestions would be nice to take in,

Modification files
DesertmodV4.TEST_.jar - pre-release of the Desert Survival mod (bugs included)254.7 KB
DesertmodV4.RELEASE.jar - release of the Desert Survival Mod (bugs still in there feel free to exploit)382.11 KB

added a new ore called Mordium and when four Mordium create a crystal casing with four diamond blocks and four sugar can create a speed crystal that will give 30 seconds of speed 1 when held, more recipes to craft sandstone tools (like cobblestone tool recipes)


Added new items and changed the recipe for certain items, added tiers of speed crystals, made speed crystals harder to obtain


PRE-RELEASE: added cotton (no use yet), ruins, ironwood trees, added Quails, uses for ironwood (tree generation is bugged and I can't find a solution) etc. etc.


RELEASE: added uses for cotton, two new achievements, armor, new ranged item (gun), Pancake cacti generation changed new structure (Ruined garden), gun casing, bullet, parts, etc. etc.