The Super Armor Mod

Published by cowmom on Sat, 11/14/2020 - 22:18
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This adds a bunch of new armor including:

Plant armor, the helmet takes away all effects, even the good ones

Dense Iron armor, gives you lots of buffs

Dense Gold armor, gives you lots of buffs

Dense Diamond armor, gives you lots of buffs

Super Dense Diamond armor, gives you lots of buffs

Water Bucket armor, Gives you water breathing

Strange Armor, I don't remember it's pretty strange though,

Shulker armor, easily the best.


This mod also adds some cool weapons such as:

The chain mace, it's a beefed up sword pretty much,

The Diamond Chain mace, is a beefed up chain mace,

The strange mace, a one durability weapon with massive damage


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1.0- Released