Arcade Update (Forge)

Published by Pylo300 on Sat, 11/14/2020 - 23:05
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A new Arcade Update mod is released.

What's new?

Sharks are neutral, when attacked or provoked, to be attacked with players, spawns in frozen ocean types.

Boarmen are hostile when attacking towards players, iron golems, snow golems, endermen, shulkers, spawns in Boarmen Outposts in The End biomes.

Hogs are passive, when can breed with all meat types, spawns in Raw Taiga, or The End trapped in cage sometimes at Boarmen Outposts.

Wooden Crates are decorative blocks we can build those build hacks, can be crafted with 9 wooden planks.

Modification files

This mod is moderated by Cursed Warrior.