Forest Update (Forge)

Published by Pylo300 on Sun, 11/15/2020 - 01:08
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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A new Forest Update mod is released.

What's new?

Forest Skeletons are hostile towards nearest forested variants of players, iron golems, snow golems, any skeletons doesn't attack villagers, wandering traders, trader llamas.

Forest Soldiers are neutral, when thundering or raining, become hostile at players, villagers, iron golems, wandering traders, trader llamas, snow golems.

Modification files

1.15.2, Revamped Forest Generation.

Guy, don't you tire on making mods in huge amounts? I even don't make SO many mods like you!

these logos are not bad, improve the names with it and please, import new images for it please :)