Underground Craziness

Published by RexCerv on Mon, 11/16/2020 - 21:25
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Underground Craziness is a mod inspired by many other mods. It adds many, many new ores, armors, weapons, and some bows. It has 4 new dimensions, technology, and some plants and trees 

Defeat the 4 elementals (textures not finished yet) and fusion the elements to get the elemental wand! With the elemental wand you invoke the elementals and with sufficient elements you can even tame them! We also

have many new animals such as: Lion, Rhino, Bear, Hyena, Racoon, Tiger, Ray, Wild Pig, Bull.

We also have some bosses that will spawn naturally on the map. (Textures not finished)

Since they are almost 100 different recipes please use JEI, we are working on a book with all the recipes but it may take some time.

Pharaoh wand, crown:


Wand: Mine the pharaoh tomb and create pharaoh defined parts with 9 pharaoh undefined parts, create 3 of this ones and make an axe form with pharaoh defined parts. Remember: (to have a pharaoh defined part create a pickaxe form with undefine parts but without sticks)

Pharaoh Crown: Craft it with 4 pharaoh defined parts and 1 diamond (make a helmet form but with the diamond on the middle and the pharaoh defined parts on the sides)

Remember: This mod is made by an unexperienced person who do this for fun. So Textures may not be awesome and you may experience some bugs.

Please report all bugs and upvote it if you like it!


I update it frequently so remember to check this page often to see what new updates are able to download! 

Note: This are not all the mobs in the mod, just the most important ones

Images list: fire elemental, water elemental, wind elemental, earth elemental,  Brute Boss, Wither Boss, Gold Brute Boss:

Fire Elemental

Water ElementalWind Elemental Earth ElementalGolden Brute Boss

Modification files
Underground Craziness 2.0.jar - Old Version7.27 MB
Underground Craziness 3.0.jar - Newest Version7.54 MB

All dimensions are gone for an error, but I made 2 new ones, the Dark and Light dimensions, Light dimension frame is quartz block and you will find a special ore in it called Light Ore or Light Ingot

The dark dimension frame is netherrack and it also has a ore/ingot called dark ore/ingot.

With both ores you can craft armors and tools. 

(The igniters for the portals are only found on chests)

Version 1.1

Brand new awesome textures

Version 2.0

Added new mobs and a boss

Skunk: Gives nausea and poison

Undead Golem Boss: spawns naturally in world

Nightmare Wolf: Tame it with souls. Souls are given when you kill Nightmare wolfs

Skeleton Hunter: Spawns naturally in world

Light Angel: Spawns in Light Dimension 

Dark Angel: Spawns in Dark Dimension

Iron Pirate: Spawns naturally in world

Undead Wolf: Tamed by cow meat

Dimensions bugged for now, hopefully I fix it in next update

New ore called Infranium given when you defeat a boss or mined in a cave (super rare to find in caves)

Bag: Store max 6 items in it (Remember that we are working on a book with the crafts, for now if desired use JEI)

Version 3.0

2 new bosses, one that spawns on light dimension the other on dark dimension (Dimensions still bugged for now)

New Recipes book (To craft it just make a T form with planks)

2 new ores (Maintable and Unntaible) are given in the bosses dungeons from Light and Dark dimensions

Some loot tables and bugs fixes