Impostor Among Us

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A Minecraft Among Us mod for all your Minecraft Among Us needs! This is a work in progress, but eventually I will have a full version available!

Command for setting hats:

/replaceitem entity @p armor.head impostor_among_us:<Insert the hat name here!>

Planned features:

-More colours + hats

-Functioning emergency meeting button + tasks

-Pet mobs


Feel free to leave your suggestions and feedback below! This is my first ever Minecraft mod so don't be too harsh!

Modification files
Impostor Among Us WIP (1.0).jar - WIP version 1.0Uploaded on: 11/19/2020 - 08:17   File size: 639.23 KB

-Ram horns hat

-Red crewmate model

-Knife (can be used as knife hat)

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