Underground And The Dark Dimension (Story)

Published by RexCerv on Fri, 11/20/2020 - 01:22
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Underground And The Dark Dimension is a roleplay mod with an awesome story.

This mod will have a sequel and another awesome story.

This mod was made by 1 person so spect some bugs (Please report them all)

Also, this mod is better played on Hardcore since respawning is not the principal thing on this mod. For a better experience please use hardcore. 

This mod adds: 

New bosses

New Enemies

New Ore

New Items

And of course a new Story

To start the story press K (Please click it just 1 time in the whole game to not bug the mod)

Modification files


Bugs fixes 

New structure


Many bugs fixes

Remember this is Chapter 1, I'm working hard to make Chapter 2 even better

not bad mod!
if you want make your mod more "unique", i recommend to you use blockbench or any other program for modelling.
good luck! :)

Don't use elements of clashing resolutions in your textures. Other than that, this looks interesting.

See, i really love story mods, and RPGs are also really epic. You need do something with this mod: Make a good description. You told us this has a story. Well then, show us the story, a mission or whatever. Dont show us just 5 mobs and dont tell us "Fabulous ores, fantastic mobs, awesome story". Just show us the mod, or else we wont be sure how good it is. Hope you do that when you finish with the update. Gd day!

I create mods for my fun and my friend's one, I don't really care if people like it or not, I upload them because I want to share it with the people (Even tough its a trash mod). So for me, my eye work is more important than other people opinion. Also, I created the description like that to not spoil the mod, you wouldn't like to see the whole story of the movie in the trailer, right? (I'm not trying to offense anyone or say that I don't care about people, I'm trying to say that I'm glad of my work and if people like it or not, not my problem.)

"Even though its a trash mod"? You're saying your mod is trash before I even downloaded it?

You need to at least explain what your story is about, or else players will go in blind and quickly lose motivation in playing your mod since they have no idea what it's about.

If you don't care about whether people like it or not, why did you take it as an insult? The person even said "Gd Day!".

when I said "trash mod" I was referring to any mod I upload, in general, not this one. Plus remember to not put hate on comments. Also if you didn't find the structure, search more, and I have tried this mod and I can assure you enemies don't make 1-2 damage. Also, please remember the guidelines, because if in case you didn't know, these comments don't follow. And they don't have grammar mistakes, if they have, I didn't notice so please leave an image to show it.