Published by Cattanik on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 01:31
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Minecraft Forge mod
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So Cobalt is a mod that is trying to focus on being a full new experience, its not close to finished but yeah.

I have said that I've been working on a new mod for a while... This is It!

Cobalt is a lot like my other mod but I am focusing my time on polish.



This mod has its own website with a form. (Yeah I made it with WIX what you gonna do about it?)

Find Updates and more here! Well not right now but yeah.




Cobalt has entered alpha!

All older versions on the mod page is now put as alpha as well. The first official alpha is early alpha 1 released today. Weird naming I know.


Thanks for taking Intrest, see you soon!

Modification files
Cobalt.edev_.1.jar - Cobalt Early Development 11.48 MB
cobaltalpha0.5.jar - Cobalt Early Alpha 31.73 MB

Early Alpha 1

  • Added Cobalt (Ingots, Fragments, Dust)
  • Added Throwing Knife
  • Added Backpacks (Including Early DEVPack)

Early Alpha 2 (File Lost)

  • Added Palm trees and palm wood.
  • Added Copper
  • Added Tin
  • Added Silver
  • Banana
  • Updated Knife texture
  • Updated Some recipes.

Early Alpha 3

  • Added rocks (WIP)
  • Added pots (WIP)
  • Added bricks for diorite, granite, and andesite.
  • Added recipe for mob spawners
  • Added marble
  • Updated Texture for palm wood logs

Hey, so I'm releasing an update today! I will add lots of new blocks and a biome. It's not as polished but I'm working on that now...