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Published by Josra102 on Fri, 01/01/2021 - 14:03
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Lab - Magic - Story - This is a giant mod about 10 different dimensions

[ Angel - Fire - Halloweer - Eletro - Nature - Ice - Water - Ender - Dark ]

To start studying the mod, you need to get magic dust and collect it in a pile then melt it into an ingot. Magic Dust is needed to create the Lab - Magic - Book.  Magic ingots are needed to create tools and, most importantly, these are portal blocks. Next, we need to activate the portal. Ancient Rune is needed to create all activators. It drops from an ancient golem. Golem spam in structures around the world.

I'm starting to talk about dimension :

Angel - The world is made up of clouds so blocks or flight will be needed. In paradise, you can find a village of angels. Also in the clouds, you can use Angesky quartz for decoration. But the first material is Angel crystal

Fire - This world is not very hospitable, so in order to walk normally, you need to protect yourself from the heat. To do this, you can drink a potion of fire resistance or wear fire armor. Here the first material is mined from the ore. To create tools, you need to use coal sticks. But for a bow, you need fire threads that are dropped from a fire spider.

Halloweer - It is a dimension of endless autumn and night. In this dimension, many common monsters are also new: Vampire Ghost Pumpkins. The main point is to collect sweets to create tools.

Eletro - Will look like a desert with new cacti. This desert is home to mummies and scorpions. The mummies have gold bandages, we need them to wrap a gold ingot and get a golden one

Nature - The friendliest dimension. There is a lot of vegetation, flowers and animals. Just a copy of the land. But here there are living Ents, they are neutral to us, and a natural emerald falls out of them for tools

Ice - Cold dimension and therefore we can freeze there. The only way not to freeze is to make ice armor from ice ore. Good luck in this world !. There are also snowmen

Water - For this dimension, you need to create a submariner's helmet. Sinks to the seabed. Fish can be seen swimming. There are algae and different colors of coral. Ore is found on corals

Candy - Delicious dimension it consists of two colors of chocolate and caramel sticks and sweet trees. Also there are chocolate golem. Instruments are made from chocolate blocks and sticks from sweet trees and puddles of hot chocolate can also be found

Ender - Almost indistinguishable from the original edge. But in this world live evil endermen from whom they give their eyes. With the help of eyes and obsidant, you can create an ender ingot

Dark - The toughest in relation to the player. A withered skeleton and a lost soul are walking around the world all the time. And the most dangerous thing is that if you are in the dark you will be killed, so carry a light source

In the future and there will still be a mod complemented by new tools and mobs and one boss

[ Special message: If you find a bug, write in the comments under the mod ]

Modification files
Lab - Magic - Story 1.18.5.jarUploaded on: 01/11/2021 - 03:52   File size: 2.8 MB
Lab - Magic - Story 1.18.jarUploaded on: 01/01/2021 - 15:11   File size: 2.71 MB

Lab - Magic - Story 1.18 - The beginning of the mod. Adding change and first tools and mobs

Lab - Magic - Story 1.18.5 - Mini-Update book improvement and added photos to the page

a few questions:

1: what are the Id's of the dimensions

2: was this inspired by Advent Of Ascension?

3: can you post screenshots of some of the dimensions?