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Hello, as this is my second time writing an article about a mod (but first time about a minecraft mod as I haven't shared any until now), I might not be completely clear with what I say. Plus, i'm French, and even though I speak english very well, I may make some mistakes while writing. keep that in mind.

Also, this mod isn't made for survival but rather adventure, as it will be used in an official map by me.

Finally, don't reuse any of the mod's content and reupload it anywhere. You've been warned.



BattleBot is a mod made by Mark XIX Games (of which i'm the leader, my username is commonly herobrine2td but apparently it was taken on this site.) and its purpose is to serve as the main mod required for a map of the same name, which is currently not available to anyone. It originally was made for Bedrock Edition until I decided to move to Java since it's way more flexible. I decided to upload it here for people to tell me what to make, what to remove, and what to change so that the experience you'll have playing the map is as good as possible.

BattleBot is a science fiction mod based in 2085, and an invasion of extraterrastrial beings named Rebexers is currently going on in multiple human colonies and Earth. You'll have to stop them from taking Earth's resource again. To do this, you'll have a bunch of weapons at your disposal, including those from other alien factions such as The Rebexers, the Infested, the Lazhars (extinct) and many more.

It also has its own unique Official SoundTrack that will play when you are in the maps, aswell as with the music disks provided in the mod (DISKS COMING SOON). The soundtrack is available here:


As mentioned previously, you'll have lots of fancy weapons to help you stop the Rebexers, ranging from concussion rifles to one-shot divine blades. However each weapons are classed by rarity:

  • Common - Very easy to find, but most of the time weak. every common items cost at least 2EM (EM will be explained soon).
  • Uncommon - A bit less easy to find, and also stronger. every uncommon items cost at least 5EM.
  • Rare - these are, well, pretty rare to find and much stronger. every rare items cost at least 10EM.
  • Epic - Very rare to find, but also very good. every epic items cost at least 15EM.
  • Legendary - These are extremely difficult to find, but definitely worth it. every legendary items cost at least 20EM.
  • Mythic - The rarest of loot rarities. Are often obtained from endgame bosses but are super good. every mythic items cost at least 30EM.
  • Divine - WAIT. THERE'S MORE?! only obtainable through quests but can almost always destroy your opponents. every Divine items cost at least 50EM.

Here are the currently available weapons in 0.1:


The Rebex blade is mostly used by rebexers of basic class. drops from rebexers.

weapon 2

The death sickle isn't used yet by any rebexers but will in future updates.


This is pretty much a reskin of the death sickle, except it drops from vayking class rebexers.

disk launcher

The disk launcher launches... energy disks. One of the few sniper rifles commonly used by rebexers.

rx crystal rifle

The Rebexer Crystal Rifle fires crystals at medium fire rate. it's commonly used by rebexers as standard weaponry.

energy swordy

The Spatial Forces Energy Sword, also known as the SPF Energy Sword in-game, is the standard melee weapon used by humans. It can easily slash trough enemies although each time it is swinged, it must be recharged, hence the 0.7 attack speed.


The lever action shotgun is a close range weapon that fires at a slow rate. It's the most common and average shotgun.

shotty but blue

The Energy Shotgun is a plasma weapon that fires a lot of pellets at a slower rate.


The Deystrakt sword will always be found broken, but you can repair it thanks to the zero-core. When repaired, this beast of a weapon will deal about 50 damage and have an insane attack speed. Infinite Durability too.

WOW. war axe war

This beast of an axe was built by the Lazhar long ago. It is supposed to be one of the first Lazhar weapons you might get.

holy sh-

THIS, is the sword of death. So powerful it breaks fast. It's durability is only of 10 and is supposed to be a last hope type of weapon since it does a hundred damage.

mmm... flesh

what is this. Did I forgot to tell you there are zombies? whoops.

other weapons.

These are miscealleneous weapons you can craft with stuff you'll find around.


The map is intended to be grinding-heavy and so a lot of new items are here. I'll be skipping the materials as it's obvious to know what they are so here is the important stuff. Also, here's what all items are (for now):

itemies stuffies oopsies

Mains Items

and this, is a potato.

The energy potato is a consumable that will regenerate your health but is also infinite. Awesome right? The sprite will be changed to a better looking potato.


The Portable anvil is currently a W.I.P, but its intended goal is to be a... portable anvil, and have a few inventory slots. Pretty useful.


The energy disk serves as a mini weapon but also as ammunition for the disk launcher.


The Death fuel flask currently has no purpose, but will soon.

energy lazhar cell

The Lazhar Energy Cell, or LEC, is commonly used for creating lazhar equipment. is pretty damn rare, by the way. but not as rare as...


The Zero-Core is currently the rarest item in the mod, but it lets you upgrade some weapons greatly! Currently, the Flesh Spike and the Broken Deystrakt sword can be upgraded with this item.

EM bois we found it

EM is the main universal currency in the galaxy of BattleBot. It's used for buying weapons, armors, items, etc. It will be found dropping on some enemies.


For now, there are only a few mobs in the mod, but there will be more. Here they are:

rebexer man deafult

Rebexer - Rebexer Faction

HP: 25

Speed: 0.3

Attack Strenght: 3

Armor protection: 0

Knockback Resistance: 0.2

Items: None

"Doesn't spawn. Default mob used for making Rebexer Variants."

uh oh, it's armored now

Combat Rebexer - Rebexer Faction

HP: 25

Speed: 0.3

Attack Strenght: 3

Armor protection: 0

Knockback Resistance: 0.2

Items: RX-Blade; Keterite Armor

"An armored rebexer. What? That's it."

rebexer in actual armor.

Armored Rebexer - Rebexer Faction

HP: 40

Speed: 0.25

Attack Strenght: 3

Armor protection: 0

Attack Knockback: 1

Knockback Resistance: 0.4

Items: RX-Blade

"The more common version of a cybernetically Augmented Rebexer."

Has multiple spawn eggs for drops, although all of them will be fused to be one mob with a loot table.


Vayking Class Rebexer - Rebexer Faction

HP: 50 (will be changed soon)

Speed: 0.4

Attack Strenght: 3

Armor protection: 0

Attack Knockback: 1

Knockback Resistance: 0.4

Items: Dual Wielded Vayking Swords

"A Rebexer trained for battle in the depths of the RX-Core that truly knows how to fight. Boss mob."


SPF Soldier - Spatial Force Faction

HP: 30

Speed: 0.3

Attack Strenght: 3

Armor protection: 0

Attack Knockback: 0

Knockback Resistance: 0

Items: SPF Energy Sword

"This is one of the Spatial Force's many soldiers. Has multiple variations and is friendly as long as you don't do a Betrayal. (halo reference aha)"

bro is he ok?

Infested Human - Infested Faction

HP: 10

Speed: 0.2

Attack Strenght: 3

Armor protection: 0

Attack Knockback: 0

Knockback Resistance: 0

Items: None

"Damn, this guy has seen some shi-"

infested silverfish

Possessor - Infested Faction

HP: 25

Speed: 0.35

Attack Strenght: 3

Armor protection: 0

Attack Knockback: 0

Knockback Resistance: 0

Items: None

"The Possessor is perhaps the fastest monster here. Be careful, although it's easily killed."


There will be more information about the blocks soon! either way you can download the provided version of the mod.

Also, most blocks used here are from the mod, with few from other mods and not from a texture pack.

That's about it! If you find any bugs or stuff you'd want to see in the mod, please tell me in the comments!


There are two mobs in 0.1.1-Beta that will change in the next update:

  1. The RX-Drone, which is currently a clone of the Armored Rebexer with a reskin
  2. The Bloodthirsty, which doesn't have any spawn eggs and isn't complete.

Also, the sound effect for firing the double barrel shotgun will also change in future upates.

Modification files



  • Added the Combat Shotgun
  • Added the Double Barrel Shotgun [Firing sound temporar]
  • Added the Blood Seeker
  • Added the Gauss Gun
  • Renamed some of the weapons


  • Added the Blood-thirsty, which doesn't have a spawn egg for now and is a little bit buggy.
  • Added the RX-Drone, which is currently only a clone of the Armored Rebexer.
  • Those two mobs will be changed soon.



New update guys. Adds three weapons, change some weapon names and adds two unfinished mobs (that will be complete soon.) Just a tiny update!

I like the mod, and I think that if you gave us more explanations in the description for example the Health, Attack, etc of each mob, or the utilities for the items, for example, the crafts, this is a pretty original mod but I think these things can help it become even greater! Gl in MTW (Mod of The Week)!

Thanks! I'll try to make the description more precise. yeah i'll try to get it to MOTW when it's more complete. And as for the crafts, most of the items here are made for an adventure map coming in a long time so it's not truly supposed to be crafted although i'm planning to make a survival mode version of it!