Precious biomes

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You know that famous phrase "I mine while I was offline". ?! My mod features + - that, but with evidence (or not).

Precious biomes is a mod where you can collect ores in your own biome.


These are extreme hill-like biomes, easy to find because I put them together.
Biome of: iron, gold, diamond and emerald.
The floor is made of this ore, and below the block.
Mob called: Addicted to emerald. It is a hostile crowd that drops emerald when it dies. (Still being worked on)
Manufactured emerald weapons and tools. Don't be surprised by the armor, because I suck at creativity.
The mod was translated into English using the google translator, if something is wrong it is his fault.
For those who want to find it faster. Here are the seeds I picked for luck;


I suggest that you look at one of the images that you have to coordinate.

Modification files
Precious biomes 0.5_1.jar - 88.44 KB
  • Hostile Mob Addicted to Emerald
  • Minecraft sword, armor and emerald tools with standard recipe.
  • Fireball launcher (still in beta, but with recipe).
  • Mod Version 0.4