Published by Bird Craft on Sat, 01/09/2021 - 16:17
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This banana mod will add bananas to your Minecraft world. Also included are some advanced ingredients to make the bananas. Bananas are normal food that fill two hunger bars. These bananas are yellow and shaped like real world bananas that you eat in real life. Bananas are some people's favorite tropical fruits. The natural spawning of Minecraft has not been changed in this mod. You will have to use some expensive ingredients to make a banana. 

Modification files
banana 1.0.0.mcaddon - 1.0.0 of banana25.55 KB
banana 1.1.0.mcaddon - 1.1.0 of banana29.4 KB
banana 1.1.1.mcaddon - 1.1.1 of banana29.4 KB
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coming soon:

tell me yore ideas in the comentes 

make sure to delete the old version of The Mod when you install the new one