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Advanced-Class-Box - Mod adds classes of different types. There are 42 classes in total

Types of Classes: Wood - E , Iron - D , Gold - C , Diamond - B , Emerald - A , Obsidian - ?

Also attached to the Advanced-Class-Box book

To open a new class rank, you need to open the previous rank

Let's start with wooden classes or class - E. These classes are crafted from a wooden box.

  1. Class Knight
  2. Class Tank
  3. Class Trader
  4. Class Ninja
  5. Class Food
  6. Class Miner
  7. Class Fire
  8. Class Book

Next are the iron classes or - D. These classes are made from an iron box

  1. Class Knight
  2. Class Tank
  3. Class Farmer
  4. Class TNT
  5. Class Potion
  6. Class Builder
  7. Class Archer
  8. Class Fishing

We proceed to interesting gold classes or - C. They will drop out with a rare chance from mobs

  1. Class Slime - Slime
  2. Class Snowman - Stray
  3. Class Health - Evoker
  4. Class Enderman - Enderman
  5. Class Wolf - Wolf
  6. Class Cactus - Husk
  7. Class Spawner - Chicken
  8. Class Amulet - Witch

Then we go to diamond classes or - B. They are in structures with mobs.

  1. Class Xp
  2. Class Emerald Shield
  3. Class Anti-Gravitation
  4. Class Guardian Nature
  5. Class Soothing Harp
  6. Class Shop Class
  7. Class Nights and Days
  8. Class Sniper
  9. Class Gold Milk

The most powerful classes are emerald or - A. They are dropped from bosses. You can only get one. To summon bosses, you need to build an altar and click on items for the class.

  1. Class Infinity Space - Ender Pearl
  2. Class Water Apocalypse
  3. Class Matrix
  4. Class Silver Mirror
  5. Class Golden Library 
  6. Class Dragon Axes
  7. Class Witch
  8. Class Magnet

The last class is obsidian or - ?. Any mod class can issue this class. Achieved by completing all the achievements of the mods. It only works once

  1. Class Randow
Modification files

Advanced-Class-Box 1.9 - Mini-Patch. Added harp sound and fixed several bugs

Advanced-Class-Box 1.85 - Added all bosses and emerald class. The mod is almost finished

Advanced-Class-Box 1.45 - Added book and random class. Added one emerald class

Advanced-Class-Box 1.35 - Added main classes: Wood, Iron, Gold, Diamond.