Wood Overload 2

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This Is A Revamped Version Of My Old Mod Wood Overload

V1.0 : Added; 2 Types Of Wood; Cobalt And Adansonia

          Added; Cobalt Ore As Well As A Tool/Weapon (Krigsyxa Of Cobalt) This Is Stronger Than Diamond

​​​​​​          Added; Potion Of Illusion, This Potion Makes All Mobs Invisible To The Player That Has This Potion Equiped

          Added; Fertilized Dirt. This Dirt Is A Tilled Version Of Farmland

          Added; Oak And Iron Wood Ores

          Added; Placeable Vanilla Materials Such As; Glowstone And Gunpowder

          Added; Cobalt Mush. This Acts Like Redstone Yet Does Not Connect To It (WIP)

V2.0 The Skill Update

          Added; Bush Plant (Has A Chance To Drop When Tilling Soil)

           Added; 3 Bush Varients

          Improved; Cage Block

           Added; Crazy Villlager And Straitjacket (Crazy Villager Has A Chance To Spawn When Sleeping)

           Added; Indeapth Skill System

Modification files
WoodOverload2_0.jar - Version [1.0]492.13 KB
WoodOverload2_v2.0.jar - Version [2.0]579.46 KB

great and original mod :D
the textures are also very nice, you consider submitting for MOTW!